Friday, September 11, 2009


Awesome giveaway from Marigold Manor! Be sure to check this out! The giveaway is in honor of her 100th posting/followers!

Be sure to enter, as winner will be drawn 9/30/09

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  1. Hi Savannah.
    I love the background to your blog and going to go and have a look at what others the site has later.

    Your gifts arrived a few days ago for Debbie. Sorry i have not let you know sooner.
    I can not remember which your email address is and i have lost my note paper so have to let you know this way rather than an email.
    I will not say here incase Debbie reads this but your gifts are beautiful and i know she will love them.
    Thank you for sending and joining in.
    When Debbie is a lot better i know she will thank you herself.
    My best wishes, Nikki xxx