Thursday, October 22, 2009

Question to all those mini artists :)

Hi everyone :)
Been a while... been busy with school work :(
Quick question:

I saw on a blog awhile ago (don't remember who) a tutorial/how-to on suspending items (ie. fork with spaghetti, hovering over plate)

If any of you know where I can find this again, I'd be most grateful :)

Thanks so much :)


  1. I wish that I could help you with that. It sounds very cool looking.

  2. I had a good look for you and did loads of searching with no luck.
    It would probably be done with a bit of wire holding the fork up and secured to the plate. The the pasta applied and a little bit wound round the fork to hide the wire, and then sauce dabbed here and there to hide it even more.
    If you go to my blog and click on the AIM picture on my sidebar it will take you to their free online mag. My friend Debie has a tutorial in the mag showing how to suspend a witches broom. It would probably be the same for a fork and pasta.
    Hope it helps.
    Nikki xxx