Thursday, February 11, 2010

Needing help!!!

Hi all :)

I'm looking for a certain miniature magazine... Dolls House and Miniature Scene Magazine (UK). I'm not sure which issue it is, but it is the one that features Michelle K.'s Tropical Drink Tutorial. If ANYONE can find me a copy and send it to me, I would gladly pay for it and your time... I just REALLY wanted this certain issue.

Please let me know!

Thanks in advance,



  1. I think i have that one. Its going to be an ordeal to find it but i will let you know by late this evening (uk) if i have it.
    I remember the tutorial so really confident its there somewhere among hundred of mags.
    Dont worry about paying for it if i can find it and will post to you next week.
    Nikki xxx

  2. Hi Savanah. I have looked but still cant find it. I know i have it and think i am going to have to sit with the pile of mags and go through each and everyone of them page by page. So far i have scanned the fronts of each of them hoping it would be there rather than all the page flicking.
    Do you know what month or roughly when it was in print?
    Off to start page flicking.
    I know i have it and its driving me mad, lol

  3. Hi Savannah. I feel really bad now but i cant find the mag anywhere. I know i have had it because i remember the tutorial. Maybe i have given it to somebody yet cant rememeber doing so.
    Theres one last place to look. Its my sons bedroom. He borrowed some mags agaes ago for a college project so maybe its in his hovel.
    Sorry if i got your hopes up and now cant find it.
    I will still keep looking everywhere. So gutted because i knows it must be in this house somewhere.
    Nikki xxx

  4. LOL no worries Nikki :) If you find it, great, if not... I'll get my hands on it somehow :). It had to be in print sometime between July 2009 and now. Sorry if that's too broad :S.

  5. Just found out the issue! November 2009!

  6. I wish that I could help you. I would if I could. I hope you find what you are looking for!

    Thank you for your wonderful comment on my blog. You truly blessed me.

  7. Hi Savannah, I have an award for you at my blog :)