Friday, February 20, 2009

Trying New Things!

Well, I have decided to make myself one of these "blog-things" I hear people talking about. I'm unsure at this moment whether I like it or not... We shall see.

Not much is interesting in my life at the moment. I am in school, which is fine, but time consuming. I am currently working with my dad preparing taxes at his tax business. Other than that, not much else is going on.

I'm getting geared up for the Miniature show that will be in March... trying to figure out what to make for the theme "Mystery in Miniature". If anyone out there has any ideas, I'm open to listening.

Anyways, that will be about it for my first blog... stay tuned for more to come... and hopefully I can figure out how to add pictures to these... I will share some of my creations with the world.

But until then,

The Mini - Maker


  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. Can't wait to see some of these creations! Tell Tim I said hello. You guys need to come over and meet Landon! You've never even seen him yet!

  2. Welcome to the blogoshere Savannah.
    To add pictures to your blog page, when you are on the page where you write your blog, along the top of the box, there are some little icons. You need to click on the little blue box which has a landscape in it. This takes you to another screen, where you can add photo's direct from your computer. Hope that helps.
    Mini Hugs

  3. Welcome Savannah,
    It is great fun this blogsphere,Ihope you'llenjoy it as much as I do. It is plentyfull of nice, clever and talented people, it is a great honour to meet them all. Rosanna :o))

  4. Welcome to blogging. I hope to see some of your miniatures here soon! I love tiny things.

  5. Savannah I've welcomed you to the blogosphere
    over on my blog today.

  6. Welcome to the jungle. I gets more interesting every day. Hope to see you often. :-)

  7. Hi there! In response to your cheescake question. I used crushed apricot seeds for the crust and the cherries on top are made of polymer clay and topped with gallery glass. Thanks for looking! Melanie