Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mystery.... in Miniature?

Mystery, in my mind, is defined as something unknown or unproven. So vis-a-vis, something unknown, miniature style. I'm still working on my table gifts for the miniature show later this month. So far, I have a crystal ball, a set of Tarot cards, a palm readers poster, a map of the bermuda triangle, a pirate/treasure map, an astrologers chart, pics of UFOs and Nessie (Loch Ness Monster) and a painting of the Mona Lisa with moving eyes (as if someone is behind the wall looking through her eye-holes) Now my question to you all is simple.... do you think this is $5.00 worth? The list of stuff is a set that each person will get.

I'm also working on my miniature swaps for my yahoo swap group. The themes I signed up for were: Front Porch, Cats, and Sewing. For the front porch I have made 2 gazing balls with stands. For the cats, I will be making scratching posts and bags of kitty food and litter. For the sewing.... I have no idea... I may just cop out and make bolts of diff. fabric.

Anyways, other than miniatures, today has been pretty uneventful, though the weather was awesome. Dad didn't need me at the tax office today, so I got the day off :) I took my chapter 6 test in my nutrition class, and now I REALLY need to get my Psych. homework done :(

Well, that's it for now... gotta go do some junk :)


The Mini-Maker

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