Friday, March 20, 2009

Trying Pictures

These are just "practice pictures" This first one is of some flowers at the park.Next, here is the 2nd kitten we got (we now have 4) Her name is Mimzy.
Here is the 1st kitten we got... her name is Pixie.
Mimzy again.... adorable :)
Here is my brother's headstone that my sis and I surprised our Dad with. He wanted something really special for his firstborn, and since Ed was a nationwide pianist, this was perfect. My aunt had made a wooden keyboard with the banner, and leaves (shown on the headstone) for Ed (when he was living, obviously) and we therefore asked them to put it on the stone. The banner says: "Music holds a secret, to know it can make you whole"
For those of you who were at my wedding, Ed was the piano player there.

~The Mini-Maker.


  1. I love your kittens - especially Mimsy.

  2. The kitten are lovely but I canot look at the headstone without shivering.Since my mum left us I cannot see beauty in these things, only sadness. And your brother was so young...same as mine.