Wednesday, June 17, 2009

(singing) *Oh Mr. Postman look and see....*

Okay so I keep reading about all you girls getting these cool things from people on your blogs from all over the world. I know this is going to sound childish, but I'm jealous!

I used to participate in a swap group, but they have disbanded... :(

So now I have no one to send things to, or receive things from...

Anyone wanna swap anything with me?

~The Child.


  1. Kat the Hat Lady has a swap method that seems to be working nicely: she posts pictures of what she wants to swap away on her blog. Then peeps either comment on her blog or email her with items to swap with her. Then at the end of the week she announces who won. Hope this helps!

  2. We have some folks interested in forming a swap circle. I figured we can make a list and talk about it while we wander the museum.

    Speaking of, we are driving up there on the 2nd of July so unless they are going to be open for the holiday that means we should go on the 3rd.

  3. I belong to several swap groups via yahoo, if you are interested.

  4. I'd love to but Mail in Italy is so appalling that I do not trust intercontinental swaps anymore. But we could have a try ;o))

  5. I love swaps! It's like an early christmas and can be so very inspiring!

  6. Let organize some swaps.. I'll do a post on it. But the swaps I'm familure with follow a theme and then everyone makes one of the same item or groups of items for everyone who sings up. Then those are sent to the hub, and the hub sends them back out, distributed.

  7. Hello Savannah! I found your blog through Kathi, I'm glad you've won her give away! I hope you return soon the creativity that so fills our sad lives ...
    I read your post today is exactly one year! on my blog, I started a few days ago an international swap, the theme is holiday, but the games are close, I'm so sorry!
    what a pity not to have met you before, I would join you! keep an eye on my blog, soon, before Christmas I organize another international swap, I want you to participate!
    a great big hug!
    kisses, Caterina