Sunday, May 31, 2009

Great Deals!

Ok, so I went to an estate sale and found these room boxes... LOVE THEM!

Barn Room Box.... upon further deliberating... I may sell this, as I have no room, nor any desire to fill this. Let me know if any of you are interested.

Another room box... I have started decorating this one... put down the wood/tile floor, and the wallpaper and border.

Ok, this is what I got today... I got all of this for $15.00 from craigslist... including the dollhouse you see below... this lady was getting rid of it because quote: "my kids were tearing it up". Someone had built and furnished the dollhouse for her kids, but the kids were little... so some of the pieces were damaged, but I'll fix them.
This is the inside of the dollhouse. We ripped out the felt that was used as carpet (except on the stairs) and I will be re-papering at least a couple of the rooms.
A closer look.
This is the outside... few pieces broke off (shutters, and finials) but they are still here, I just need to glue them back on.
Another look.

Now, I've tried looking for this dollhouse online... the one it most closely resembles is the Allison Jr. by Real Good Toys.... HOWEVER... these shudders are different, the scalloping is different, and the tower is on the wrong side.... Any ideas? I would really like to know which dollhouse this is.


Savannah :)


  1. Wow - you got an amazing deal too!!! I am so jealous of all the little bits of furniture!! they look so cute! It could be the original Alison... I am not quite sure what it looks like but since it looks so close the the "Jr." that could be it! have fun with it!! -ara

  2. It could be an Alison Jr that was kit-bashed. You got some great deals!

  3. Very good finds you've got there! Have fun fixin' and decorating it all. I can't wait to see what you come up with for those projects.

  4. I found a sale add for a house that looks just like yours....might give you more info on your great find!


  5. WOW $15.00 - did you ever get a great deal. No one up in this area is into dollhouses so I never am lucky enough to find any deals. You can have a lot of fun with that house. Congratulations on the great find.

  6. Glad I could help out!!! hugs -ara

  7. I bought a dollhouse exactly like that one on Craig's list for $20! And, it was painted blue. I have pictures of mine on my blog under my older posts.

    I am turning mine into an apartment building.

    Susan's Mini Talk