Sunday, May 24, 2009

Picture Pages, Picture Pages!

Ok, so I FINALLY took some pictures of my creations/projects. I also took some pics of swaps that I've received/done. Sorry if the lighting is bad or blurry...
First, here are two pics of things that I do not want, and have no use for. If anyone wants them, lemme know and I'll send them to you. Be advised, I'm not sure if the little lamp works.

Set of 6 books, (plus one duplicate) Each are about 2 inches tall. Anyone want them?
Here is the little lamp. I'm not sure if it works, but I don't need it. Anyone want this?
Ok, first, just a couple pics of some of my fav. minis.
This is my piggy bank that my hubby bought me for my birthday last year. I wonder what he'll get me this year... Only 3 days till I find out!
This is a stone cottage that I believe is 1:24 scale, but I'm not sure. It needs some work.
Here is some stuff from a swap that I received (plus the lamp)
This was our "baby room" swap. I made the horsey pull toy.
And here was our Valentine swap. The 2 things I made were the bear, and jar of hearts.
Here was the Green swap (my fav. color) I made the bowl of apples (in the wood bowl) and the bowl of mint chip ice cream.
Here was the Pink swap and the "What I need swap" (I wanted either picnic or holiday stuff).
I took a break from taking mini pics to take pictures of my babies :)
This is Mimzy.

This is Lilly but we call her "Beedy" (started as Itty Bitty, then morphed to Beedy)
Here's Pixie. She's very photogenic.
And last but not least, Sofie.

Ok, back to minis. :)
Here are some fruit bowls and a basket of Easter eggs.

Here's a trashcan :)
Here was one of the swaps that I got from the mini-show.
Okay, another small break. These are action figures that my hubby wanted me to make. In the middle is the original figure, on the left and right are the ones I altered. The one I'm holding is a zombie.

"Are the Zombies coming Mama?"Here is another one of my hubby's collections, Nutcrackers. These were both the same, at first, but I changed the right one.
Close up of the pocket watch.
Again, Back to minis.
Here's my weather-vane. I love it! :)
Here's another swap Item I got... I always wanted a mini vanity set.
A baby carriage I found at the antique store.
Just a few more minis.
Stuff I got at the mini-show as swaps.
Holiday decor I got as a swap.
Hobby Swap.
Hobby Swap
Love this... forget where I got it.
Fun Minis :)
Easter egg coloring set I got at the mini-show
OMG.... My FAVORITE mini so far. This is a Wizard of Oz snowglobe mini. You can't see it very well, but Dorothy and her friends are on the inside, the Witch and a flying monkey are on the outsides.
Two teensy little room boxes.
Scratching posts I made.... I have so many of these left over from a swap.
Ok, here's on of my roomboxes I totally redid this after finding it in shambles at an Estate sale. I added a few things too :)

The photo on the second shelf is of Walt Disney.
Love it! This is a Kansas City Plaza album.

Walt's Stamp Collection.

Ok, this is my other room box. It's little Ruthie Wallace's room.
A cluttered toybox
She dropped her rattle on the floor.

She can't reach her books, but Daddy comes and reads them to her when she wants them.
Even Ruthie likes miniatures!

Is She awake?
Full roombox.
This is a little house that has a push button light and a music box that plays greensleeves. I made the couch, pillows, rug, seat covers and the centerpiece.

Here are two offices we received at the mini show.

Here is a roadside stand I put together and filled. Please excuse the glue drippings and the obvious work that needs doing on this. It was my first try.

Well, that concludes the picture show for now... I have TONS more minis to show, but that would take way too long for now.

Hope you enjoyed it! And again, Let me know if you want those 2 aforementioned items.




  1. Your cats are adorable! They look so cuddly and cute. The mini stuff is cute too but may I ask where the heck do you store all of that??? Geesh!

  2. Wow, thanks for sharing all those pics--eye candy for miniaturists! Great work on the minis you made, I especially like the wooden bowl of apples.

  3. Wow! You've got so many pretty things to see! I'm going to have to look at them again, because I think I missed a couple of things.

    What sweet kitties! So adorable. :-)

  4. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO what a lovely selection of goodies. Enjoyed looking at all your photos.:-)

  5. Savannah, I've tagged you! Please visit my blog for details: