Thursday, May 14, 2009

New Project!!!

Okay, so I have decided on a new project. Late last night I decided that I wanted to make a roombox of the Whistle Stop Cafe from the movie, Fried Green Tomatoes (My all-time fav. movie).
So, I'm posting a couple pics so that maybe I can get some ideas of how to do this effectively, and cheaply. (ie. from household stuff ect.)

This is the Hickory pit from the movie, it sits right outside of the cafe.

This is also out in the back of the cafe.

View from back window of cafe.

This is the Smoke house out back where Smokey Lonesome stayed.

These are different views of the interior of the cafe
This is the front window, and the front of the cafe in 2 different scenes in the movie.

Any ideas at all that you guys may have would be greatly appreciated and the credit will be given to you.




  1. How fun!!! Great idea! I also love this movie. Can't wait to see the progress!

  2. There's a way to make stone or brick from paper egg cartons and the cardboard dividers for wine bottles (you can get them at liquor shops for free, just ask). I can't remember whose blog showed the tutorial but it might have been Treefeathers' blog. Good luck!

  3. Thank you for subscribing to my blog! I'm subscribing to yours and hope to see your room box of this develop over time. If you have the space to display it, having a box of the entire room with the scene out back would be awesome. Some of the Thorne Rooms are as much as 40 some inches deep. You could go one of two ways with the box - one with the barbeque pit as the focal point and the background of the box would be the cafe wall and windows. That way, you could do the Fried Green Tomatoes sign on the windows. The other would be the inside looking out to the back. If you do that version, you might think about foreshortening whatever is in the scene out back. For the barbershop our miniature club is working on right now, there's only about 4 inches between the front window and the scene across the street. You just need to keep in mind the perspective as you work through how you do it. Looks like a fun project!

  4. Hey Savannah! I live near the original Fried Green Tomatoes restaurant! I'll send you something from there when I mail your gift!