Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Calling All Junk Collectors!

Hiya all! I have decided to make my big blue dollhouse (see pics in This Post) into an abandoned/haunted-ish house.... you know... the one all the neighborhood kids dare each other to go in... I think that there may be an old hag that lives there that might dabble in a little magic...

I have already started making some things for the house and painting the house, but I am in need of some old junk.

If any of you happen upon anything that you think could work in the house... or anything that I can make into anything... Let me know.

Please don't let it be anything that has any value... just any old junk you think would work.
You can email me if you find anything and I will give you my address.


Thank you muchly,

Savannah ;~)

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